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Material Research Project


This research project is developed alongside the Hammami project

How can we realize a highly-complex form generated from procedurally modeling? In this project, we aim to achieve a budgeted plaster thin shell structure with large complex geometry.  

The smallest scale prototype is 3D-printed and covered in a self-made negative mold composed of a gelatine-glycerin mixture.

Due to the scale of the designed object, the medium size plaster wall's prototype is made by assembling multiple SLA prints. Those prints are assembled by plasticine to ensure a closed seamless form.

The largest thing plaster is formed by painting plaster on top of plaster tapes that are hanged on a mesh of sticks resembling the designed form.

Date / 



Partner / 

Zach Beale


Martin Lai

David Russykump

Institution / 

Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

Professor / 

Greg Lynn

Assistants / 

Maja Ozvaldic

Bence Pap

Dominik Strzelec

Martin Murero

Support / 

Madame Architects:

Quirin Krumbholz

Rupert Zallmann

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