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Temporary & Permanent

Invisible Structure

The camp signifies temporary. While people living in the camps might spending decades before moving to other places. Therefore, IDPs in the camps are transforming their current temporal living space into their future home. The ways how they reprogram their living space might have a connection to their previous living conditions which altogether form a new vibrant community within the camp which function as a city.

However, the images of the camps remain superficial on the internet. Most of the information, maps and images are highly humanitarian-oriented and thus merely cover basic supply charts and infrastructure infographic. The focuses on the actual living condition and how IDPs reuse the material are missing. Thus, the project aims to trace the habitation of different families’ houses by studying how they transform, extend and re-fabricate their caravans provided by UNHCR. It represents the habitation through sets of detail drawing and programs. The drawing and programs reveal the difference between their re-fabrication in between different families.



Advisor / 

Baerbel Müller

Team / 

a{F}A Foreign Affairs

Exhibition / 

Invisible Structure​

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